The idea for a cryptoart paper wallet came up after listening to people who expressed their interest in buying NFT art, but then gave up after getting frustrated with all the steps needed as a first time buyer.

This is an experiment to see if we can make it easier for the (still) walletless to but cryptoart, and maybe draw them further into this unique and exciting world.

Will people buy cryptoart if presented in a familiar format (a physical object exchangeable for money they already have)?

Will they buy the paper wallet and just keep it as a curious object? Or will they follow the information we provide with the wallet to access it using an app in their computers and smartphones?

Feel free to use our template and publish your cryptoart in paper wallet format.


Let us know how it went, if you sold any wallets and what the buyers said.

If you’re a buyer, please give us some feedback on your experience and how we could make it better.

If you want to buy a paper wallet click here