Bringing NFTs to the masses

  • One NFT artwork
  • A little bit of Ether
  • Your own Ethereum wallet

The paper wallet offers an all-in-one solution for first time buyers of cryptoart

In order to become a cryptoart owner someone would first need to:

  • Install a plugin or app in their devices
  • Go through the several steps required for creating a wallet
  • Do a lengthy registration with an exchange in order to load the wallet with cryptocurrency.

This can take a long time and require a significant amount of technical expertise.

With the paper wallet, artists can help first time collectors by providing it all in a single item – packaged in good old paper!

Collectors can then buy the paper wallet using the local currency they are familiar with (dollars, euro, pesos…)

Afterwards they can just keep the art in that wallet. Or they can decide to go further in the path of buying and selling cryptoart. The wallet includes useful links to websites and resources and basic information to get them started.