Download the editable PDF
and use it to publish your art in paper wallet form
(also available to download from arweave)


  • Mint your NFT art
  • Create an empty wallet, note down the 12 word passphrase and public address
  • Transfer the NFT to this new wallet you created
  • Transfer 0.001 Ether to the wallet as well
  • Download the PDF
  • Add your artwork image and the public address QR code to the corresponding parts of the PDF (you might need a special editor, links below)
  • Edit the text fields (you can do this step in a basic offline PDF viewer)
  • Save the resulting PDF
  • Print the edited PDF (use actual size on A4 paper)
  • Fold on the dotted line
  • Secure the passphrase flap with staples, stitches, scratch paint.. be creative
  • Your wallet is ready for being sold to collectors!
  • Make sure you print only ONE of each! This is not a mass produced item, each NFT is unique and should be sold only once.
  • After printing, delete your notes, edited PDF and any other records of the wallet passphrase.


Wallet generator:
QR code generator:
Adding images to a PDF:
Scratch paint recipe:
Scratch labels: search for them online, find a store you like and buy a pack
NFT minting: we are assuming you already know how to do this. The wallet template is intended for experienced cryptoartists! 😉


Why add 0.001 ETH to the wallet?
We suggest this amount to cover eventual gas fees in case the buyer wants to list the artwork for sale, accept bids or move the art to another wallet. Feel free to adjust it in case gas costs change .

How secure is this wallet?
As secure as you make it. The buyers did not generate the private key themselves so they have to use good old trust in you. Uphold their trust. Make sure nobody else can see the passphrase in the wallet and delete it from your records after printing.

Can I donate to the PaperMint?
We offer the PDF to download for free, but if you want to say thanks and contribute to our running costs, you can buy a tokenized version of the PDF, or donate any amount to our wallet: 0x38D67FeBE1478de27e2291040a2B3b90B0Cd6023