• Unique address registered on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Verify wallet contents on etherscan.io and opensea.io
  • Secret passphrase secured by scratch paint (or staples)


A wallet is for the blockchain what an email is for the Internet. Just a bit less user-friendly (at least for now).

You get an address, starting with the letters 0x and followed by another 40 random characters. No you cannot choose those characters and they are not very easy to remember. It’s also a pain to type them, that’s why we provide a QR code to scan them into your device and make life a tiny bit easier.

Your address can be accessed with a password, which is an even longer string of characters. No you cannot choose that either but it can also be stored as 12 random words, which are actually not that hard to memorize (they lend themselves to funny poems and dioramas you can create in your mind). You should keep this password safe – if you lose it there is no way to recover it. The password in the paper wallet should come secured by some great low tech mechanism like staples or scratch paint. Depending on how much you trust the person who sold it to you, you should consider moving the artwork to a new wallet you create yourself.

Before buying, verify if the wallet contains the artwork indicated. Check the wallet’s public address using www.OpenSea.io.